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We are drinking beer at noon
on Wednesday,
In a bar that faces a giant car

All is quiet,as we cross our fingers
That the cops won’t swoop in and arrest us,
As we drink outside the legal hours.

We pretend with masked patience,
That we are waiting for the car to be washed,
But we just wanna have a drink and make merry.

The good people of the world
are washing their cars
On their lunch hours, hosing
and scrubbing
As best they can,some in skirts and
some in suits.

They drive their shiny SUVs
and 4WDs,and they truly love them
but not a single one
appears to be having fun like
“T” and me.

I like a good beer buzz early
in the day,when everyone else is working his ass off,
And “T”likes to peel the
From his bottles of lager and
shred them on the…

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