I like cold beer on a hot day
I like hot women on a cold day
I like music on a hot or cold day

I like to have cold beer in my bachelor’s pad
I like to have my hot women scantily clad

I like to have my music playing cool
I like my cold beer bathed in ice cubes
I like my women endowed on the bosom

I like my music crazy and loud
I like my cold beer in my right hand
I like my women hot and tamed

I like my music close to my ear
I like cold beer to unwind
I like women to wine and dine

I like music to remind me of love
I like cold beer with women to feel loved

I like hot women with cold beer
I like cold beer and hot women with Crazy music

It’s the beer,crazy beer,that drives me crazy

{Written in alcohol-free environment}

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….