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I live alone in my bachelor’s pad.

There is my hammock bed,and there is a bed.

Sometimes when I want to meditate,I lie on my hammock bed and swing softly.

I sometimes take a small bite of chocolate bar and hold it in my mouth,swinging gently on my hammock bed:it’s nirvana,I tell you!

All my senses come alive!

When my partner visits for a sleep over,we lie on the main bed;my hammock is a sacred ground.

None else will be allowed into my hammock bed.

And today,on this cold Wednesday evening,I will sleep on my hammock bed.

Those of us who live single by choice are harshly reminded of this cold fact on such a cold day.

And this prospect of facing a cold night alone will happily drive me up to my hammock bed.

Even the size of my double bed alone lying here cold and crisp with laundered fragrant beddings in my bachelor’s pad is in itself intimidating!

Why? I’ve got to warm it with each toss and turn I make over this cold night.

But over my hammock bed,each toss and turn only brings me back to the warm centre all night long.

I guess my whole life is centred on my hammock bed.

I love many things in my life,but not as much as my hammock bed.

It harbours all my secrets of a Single-life.-my only confidant who won’t tell on me!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….