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“Are you feeling Ok now,Ben?” Angie asked the morning after the party.

I could feel her warmth as well as Daisy’s through their lacy night dresses.

I had slept fully dressed except for the belt,socks and shoes which i suppose they divested off me before hauling me to bed.

Daisy was just gazing at my face,i think in horror of all the memories of last night when i passed out in the lawn.

I must have really disgraced her.

She is a very sensitive girl,when it comes to making such ugly scenes like passing out in a party.

Angie eased herself out of the bed saying,” I will try to scrape up some breakfast for the three of us. Phillip, my servant, also got so drunk last night. He may not report early this morning.”

“You need not worry,Angie,” i said,”i don’t think i’m ready for it yet,my tummy is…

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