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“You don’t object to a handsome Zanzibari who is charming Daisy in the corner. He kiss the hand,he make love with his eyes to Daisy. You no object?” The long beard fellow said to me as i sat down from that revealing discussion with Angie back in her kitchenette.

His broken english had a sing-song tone that all arabs have.

“I no object”. I said, imitating his tone.

He shrugged and strolled off.

I rose and started making a painful effort of not being in a hurry to go and see what Daisy and this Zanzibari were up-to.

Sure enough,she was backed into a corner by this fellow. Making love with his eyes? Huh! I knew Daisy would handle him. I blamed Angie for keeping me too long in her cute kitchenette. Daisy must have felt lonely in this crazy crowd.

I could see she was trying to push past…

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