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Are you a single lady looking for a committed man to date,or even go down on his knees asking for your hand in marriage?

Be sure that this will not happen if you are;

1. Too pretty

Yes, you read that right.

We live in a world where if
you fall on the extreme side of any scale you are
either regarded with suspicion or mislabeled.

Hence if a man became too rich too quick, he must
sell drugs and if he’s extremely poor, he must have
some form of chronic disease, you know, the kind
that drains you of all your money and prevents you
from earning any more (I am yet to discover the
name of this ever-draining disease).

In the same way, if a woman is extremely beautiful,
most men will approach with caution.

And some men
will not approach her at all, as they figure she’s
either out of their league or would end up doing more
harm than good.

The latter is the reason why those who are
courageous enough to approach will end up leaving;
a very pretty woman obviously gets a lot of attention
from men.

And most men can’t handle having their woman
being hit on everywhere she goes and in the course
of time, they often assume the woman not only loves
the attention, but will love another man as well.

In the end, the insecurities result in the demise of that

The good news is that, this simply means you have
been dating men with ‘shake able’ self esteem and
there are a few men who can handle ‘too pretty’.

Unfortunately, most of these men are already taken.

2. Too high maintenance

These are the groups of women that my friends refer
to as ‘Daaaarling’ or ‘Aki babez’ for the younger

Most of these women equate being in a
relationship with having your own personal, walking
and talking ATM machine.

Now, I am not talking about your typical gold digger
who only dates men who can maintain them in the
kind of lifestyle they think they deserve.

I’m talking
of women who date ‘average Joes’ but will not
hesitate in asking for money to buy a new pair of
shoes since the ones she bought two weeks ago are
too old.

These are the women who will claim they couldn’t
call you as they did not have airtime and hence if you
expect a call from them next time, you ought to send
them airtime first…so that they can call you, the guy
who did the top up (let that sink in).

She will go to the flea market to buy cheaper
secondhand clothes when she’s buying, but when
you are taking her shopping , it must be in a high
end retail outlet where she insists that she must
have two colours of the same outfit.

Furthermore, she will not understand that you have
bad days, she will expect you to take her out for
dinner every week and to one of those places where
you use a fork, not a toothpick to eat and the meals
are served in courses.

No matter how good such a lady is in other
departments, eventually the man will realize that
sexual gratification or ‘being in a relationship’ isn’t
worth all the “Darling, can you send me some money” texts you receive in a week.

The man will stick to ensuring that he has a roof over
his head as opposed to spending all his rent money
pleasing a woman who he now realizes he can never

3. Too easy

How do I put this mildly?

No man wants to eat a
piece of chicken that every other customer in the
restaurant has had a bite of or licked.

No matter how
good the chicken was marinated or prepared to crisp
perfection, no man will want to eat that piece of

In the same way, if a man hears you were the
‘chicken’ of the estate or office, always walking
around, pecking here and there looking for a way to
satisfy your needs, he will drop you faster than you
can say “hot chicken”.

It is that simple.

4. Too prudish

Here lies the irony that most people refer to as ‘life’.

Just as most men don’t like a woman who’s too easy,
they don’t want a woman who is too stiff either.

I am not saying that you should forsake your moral code
and give up your virtue.

But in this day and age, if a man cannot get so much
as a kiss from the woman he is supposedly dating,
your moral code will have to walk you down the aisle
as he certainly will not stick around to do so.

Men have evolved to want what a few musicians so
eloquently and loudly stated as “a lady in the street
and a freak in the bed”.

Once again, I am not saying
you need to get the experience needed, you simply
have to be willing to learn.

A man will appreciate a
woman who’s open minded and he knows he can
mould to his ‘ultimate release’.

But if you think sex is an act only performed with the
lights off or can’t even utter the word, you come off
as a potential problem and if the missionaries left a
few decades ago, why should you insist on holding on
to the position?

Embrace change.

5. Too chatty

If you must remember anything about men,
remember this…men like their space but more
importantly men like their peaceful and quiet space.

In that regard, no matter how often the urge might
strike you to go on and on and on and on, you must
resist the temptation to talk his ear off…at least not
while you are dating.

Get the ring first. And then you can start nagging your man now,at your own risk!

6. Too clingy

Therefore, it goes without saying that if a man is
feeling suffocated when with you, he will create some
distance just so that he can breathe and often are at
times this distance is so far away that he cannot call
you back…ever.

You can’t blame the man though.

How do you explain
the fact that you constantly check up on him to the
extent that if he takes too long in the bathroom, you
have to ask what he is doing in there.

Surely, if one is
in the bathroom for long what do you think he is
doing in there?

However, being clingy has far worse
implications as it implies you are a dependant.

A man who is looking for a wife with whom he can
start a family wants a woman who can not only raise
his children but a woman who can run his home as

Not a woman who can’t make her own decisions
or is too insecure to trust him.

7. Too wild

A man only needs to ask himself this question to
dump you. “I want a woman who will look after my
children and myself.

Is this woman who is in the
clubs from Friday to Sunday, taking tequila shots and
grinding the night away a good candidate?”

8. Too much of ‘I can do everything a man can do’

I have nothing against feminists.

I have nothing
against highly motivated, ambitious women who
think than being the deputy director isn’t good

But unfortunately, I can’t say the same for
men and their egos.

If you are constantly rubbing in a man’s face that
anything he can do, you can do and even better.

He shall step aside and give you the opportunity to walk
yourself down the aisle, afterall anything he can do,
you can do…even better.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….