Every man needs seven type of friends to see him through this life.

Jesus had twelve disciples but seven different types of men he encountered help illustrate the point here;

»One true brother

His name was Joseph of Arimathea(not his foster father,but half brother).

The Bible says that he was Jesus’ relative.

He is the brother who requested to have Jesus’ body so he
could inter it in his new tomb.

Every man needs one real relative.

Someone who is not there to cut him down, but cut him some serious slack.

In Hebrew, Joseph means, “he will add”.

This kin brings courtesy to his kith’s issues.

Joseph is not a fair-weather cousin.

On the contrary, he is there
when earthquakes and darkness engulf your world.

»One soul brother

Bible scholars opine that Jesus and Peter were age mates.

They were what you would call “do-or-die” comrades.

Peter is an everyman.

One minute, to defend you,
he gives the fuzz “ear surgery” minus anaesthesia.

Same manic midnight he bails out on you and tells pilate that he has never seen your face.

He was nicknamed Rock.


Sometimes even the Rock of Gibraltar succumbs to
the vagaries of the weather.

Peter is blue chip type of friend here,

And you know it.

That is why you hold nothing against him,even when he renounces you.

Every guy has some fear issues sometimes.

You have got an inner circle. Then you have got the
soul mate.

At your word, he will defy gravity and
walk on water… even if for only three exhilarating seconds.

»One sly guy

Judas Iscariot.

Byword for betrayer-in-chief.

We have all got at least one in every 12 in our circle.

He maybe your homie or buddy, but he is not your chummy.

Why,“true and trustworthy” are nonexistent in his

Judas means virtuous handle.

Popular name in Jesus’

In Hebrew, it is derived from Judah, meaning,
“Praise Yahweh”.

Besides, he was the disciples’
Saintly monikers and status symbols should not delude you.

Your Judas has issues.

Beneath that devout veneer are drawn daggers.

Like Christ, do not just call him out.

Know also the difference between his brotherly kisses and betrayal

Or else, after he is done, you will need the kiss of life.

»One helpful gentleman

Help can come from the oddest of faces and places.

Like Simon of Cyrenne. Aka Simon the Black.

This guy was a black slave.

When Christ was staggering
with the cross, the centurions forced Simon to carry it.

God will lead you to stumble upon helpers when you are at a crossroads.


Unimpressive CVs and humbling back-stories should not dismay you.

In God’s scheme of things, your paths are crossing for righteous reasons.

Simon needs second chances;
you need “transport” to make your appointment.

This nondescript character may get a mere passing mention in your Bible.

However, every good turn
counts for tonnes and causes massive good ripple effects.

»Two damned rebels

Once you are caught between these two extremes,you will realise that the distance between amazing
grace and eternal damnation are two outstretched holy arms.

Barnabas and the thief come to mind in this case.

When you are in trouble together with this two guys,one is pleading for God’s mercy.

The latter is demeaning your royalty and reprieve.

Do not take it personal.

That is misdirected rage speaking.

You are sharing these accomplices’ public
punishment, but not their destinies.

While you are the master of yours, theirs hang in the balance.

If only they knew what is up.

God has orchestrated it so you can give hope to them through your patience in this shared suffering.

So that, through your situation, folks can witness that
even last-second turnaround can save any damned dude.

»One ruler who condemns you

When you are in Rome, man, never do as they do.

Instead, do what Christ did.

Keep your faith.

“You have stated the fact.”

That was my Lord’s
answer when Pontius Pilate — Roman governor —
asked the life-or-death question.

Men face situations where they either buckle under or keep the faith.

There is always some ruler

Guys may be controlled, (and
condemned), by all sorts of Pilates.

Peer pressure.

Rat race.


Green-eyed envy monster.

In his darkest hour, Christ asked God that, if it was His will, to pass over the cup.

But look what drinking it bought.

If it is God’s will then, Pontius, bring it on and i will conquer all this innocent suffering that is in my life.

»One righteous Redeemer

I have not put this at seven by fluke.

Seven is the number of resurrection, Father’s perfection and
spiritual completeness.

With this Redeemer in your fore castle, you can sleep
soundly in stormy seas… and dream your
dreams while you are at it.

Disclaimer: Christ has not
said that you will cruise through life absolutely
stress-free, but he has promised that
He will come through for you.


Christ will never condemn or demean you.

He is more than a relative: He is your (protector) big
brother who will carry all your burdens.

Here is to an insightful Easter.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….