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This morning,
I went down in the valley to pray,
My body is weak and sickly,
But my soul got happy,
and I could have stayed there all day.

And all the visions of rapture,
That burst forth during my earnest prayer,
Of God’s Grace and mercy,
His fountains of blessings that have showered my life.

O My Lord, what a morning,
when the stars begin to fall!

When the sun refuse to shine,
when the moon goes down,
to the calm lake in the colour of blood!

In this great-getting-up morning,
I see the stars all falling,
the potent-forked-lightning,
Splitting the graves of the chosen open,
And the righteous marching,
to the tune of a heavenly trumpet!

I got a home in that rock of refuge,
That used to be my Lord’s tomb,
But has now become the strong-room for my soul,
Sheltered under God’s love and grace-
don’t you see?

And God’s bosom gonna be my pillow,
The righteous souls will be my witnesses,
for My Lord’s everlasting Grace
I’ve done my duty;
I’ve got on my travelling shoes.

I’m done crossing the line;
I’m done with regrets of leaving
this world behind.

This world could be left behind in visions,
I’ve got two wings to veil my face
I’ve got two wings to fly away. . . .

I see a-table-setting down with Lord Jesus,
Eating honey and drinking wine
Marching round my Father’s throne
With Peter, James, and John. . . .
I’m gonna feast,
and be welcome at table on the throne.

Take it easy now,my troubled soul and my sickly body;
Heaven means rest for you!

And when i’m done,
with this heavenly feast at the throne table,
I’m gonna tell God all my troubles.

When i finally get home . . .,
I’m gonna tell him the road was rocky,
When i finally get home….,
I’m gonna thank Him for His Grace,
And always holding my hand, through this life I’ve led down here.

But as of now,
I better mind that sun,
and see how she runs,
when i’m still down on this earth,
And mind you!,
I won’t let her catch me with my work undone.

God has got my number;
He knows where i live;
And when the time is ripe,
He’s gonna call me up to his throne,
And my tired soul will finally rest!

Devil you are a loser,
You only got a death’s warrant out for this vain body,
But my soul is safe in the strong-room of my Lord’s throne!

Oh my Lord,what a morning!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….