Sometimes it feels like life’s dominated by dishonesty.

What with politicians’ promises, salespersons’
stories and the endless lies lovers tell each other.

We all know how people will say almost anything to
get their new partner between the sheets.

How the clubbing culture positively encourages
cheating between partners.

The endless exaggerations and
deceptions and no thought of anyone’s feelings or a future together.

But lying is a really bad idea once you start looking
for a spouse.

Okay, initially you’ll still want to be cautious.

Maybe not telling your new date everything until
you’re sure they won’t spread it all over town.

But don’t tell any lies.

And straight away start
lightly slipping all your background information
into the conversation.

As you gradually swap more
detail about yourselves.

Because there’s no point concealing something
that might kill the relationship months later.

Like if you’re a single mother, for example.

Some men will be happy about your children, others won’t.

Better to know how your guy feels straight away.

Or you are a married man tugging your date along on false pretences of a single life.

It will all come to the open soon or later with disastrous consequences.

So if you’re looking for a permanent relationship,
tell the truth.

And expect your new date to do the

That’s happening to you?

Then your relationship has started well.

But what if you feel you can’t tell everything?

Or you start detecting lies?

Or there are things your
date just never seems to tell you like where they
work, or who their friends are.

Who they’re with.

Or they’re forever texting people
you don’t know.

Leaving the room when their
phone rings.

Don’t pick your calls, or reply to your

Move on.

Because if you want to be a truly happy couple,
don’t accept anything less than complete openness
and honesty.

In everything.

Your money, your past,
how you spend your time, your friends, your phone
calls and messages.

That sounds awful?

Then you’re not ready for a relationship.

Because, in fact, honesty is liberating.

You won’t realise how wonderful it is until you find
yourself with someone where there are no secrets.

But often, however well a relationship starts off,
that honesty gradually tails off.

Why’s that?

Well, one thing’s for sure.

We’ll all lie if we’re
pushed. So even though you know there’s
something you should be telling your partner,
maybe that just feels too difficult.

And so you keep quiet or lie.

Why’s that?

Usually it’s because your partner gives
you a hard time, getting angry or judgmental over
the smallest things.

Attacking your opinions.

Endlessly interrupting to get the “facts” straight.

Bringing up things you did wrong in the past.

That’s exactly the wrong thing to do if you want a
really strong relationship.

Instead, you should both
learn to be good and sympathetic listeners, over
worries, great and small.

Building the sort of
relationship where you can both talk about

And one day you’ll realise you have something very
precious indeed.

A warmth and intimacy and
commitment that’s impossible any other way.

And which will last for ever.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….