You Know My Name Not My Story
You’ve heard what I have done,
not what I have been through.

You see what I have become,
but not what I can do.

You act like you can sit here and judge me,
When in reality you are not perfect yourself.

You think you can put me down,
the labels you put on me sometimes hurt.

You love using the saying words don’t hurt.

Maybe that’s why you constantly hurt me with them.

You don’t go home with me everyday,
and have to deal with the fighting and hitting.

You don’t how much pressure you put on me to be

Well maybe you do, but you just don’t care.

You don’t know what it feels like to be rejected and
lied to so many times.

If you did you wouldn’t be happy in my misery.

You see this smile on my face,
but let me tell you half the time it’s fake.

You always wonder why I’m so quiet all the time,
I prepare myself for destruction every time you speak.

You call me weird and crazy,
but I’m just being me.

You feel as if I’m superior over you all,
but I’ve never said that myself.

You think because I’m quiet,
that I think I’m better than everyone.

You don’t know how it feels to be tired of being judged,
or maybe you do.

So before you judge someone make sure you’re
perfect because,
you know my name, but not my story.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….