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{In memory of my lifetime mentor and a friend,who i recently lost to Alzheimer,Gerald Gichuki}

There is a place i love to visit,though i forget where and why it always sends thrills to my heart.

I remember now that I’ve taken all my lovers there,
Thou i forget who they were now or their names.

There are things I’ve heard that should never be heard by any other soul,
Though i forget exactly what they were all about.

There have been times when i was extremely happy,
Though i forget what it was all about.

I once had a lover who made my heart sing,
Though i now forget her name.

There were lines i used to woo my lovers,
Though i forget the words i used.

There were friends who used to rock with me,
Though i forget exactly who they were.

These are things i remember now,
Though i forget why they are important to me.

I’m an old man now,
Though i forget how old.
They even used to call me by a name that I’ve already forgotten.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….