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When I was just a little younger, i had great big goals and objectives and aspirations for every day of my life.

These days, my biggest ambition is to get through each day with grace
and peace of mind – to be unruffled and to
move peacefully from one task to another with
focused attention and a quiet, calm

Simple right?

Ok maybe not.

However there are steps we can take to at least increase how often we remain calm.

Why be calm?

Heck, because it feels fantastic.

Anger and impatience wear on our hearts and
our minds and our friends.

When we are in control of our emotions, we get
more done, we communicate better, and we lead
more productive, purposeful lives.

Here are some time tested tips for keeping your cool and
staying calm amid life’s situations – both big and small.

Strive to not catastrophize
It’s easy to dramatize and make
something a bigger deal than it is.

When you are relating the problem to yourself,
avoid the urge to magnify the negative.

Strike the words always and whenever.

It can really help to re-frame the problem in
your mind by saying things like “I can
cope,” “It’s not that big a deal,” and “I’m
bigger than this.”

Don’t describe or blog or tweet about the

Don’t talk it over with your friends
right away; let it stew a little in your mind so you can settle down a little.

Sometimes, well-meaning friends will sympathize too much,which may only add fuel to your fire and get
you even more upset.

Discover metaphors and visualizations that help you stay calm
Here’s one that helps me: I try to imagine my problem as a knot.

The more I panic and pull
on the ends, the tighter the knot cinches.

But, when I adopt a singular focus, a calm takes over and I can loosen one strand at a time.

It might also help if you can visualise yourself acting with patience and focus.

Lower your voice and try to move as slowly as possible.

Speak slowly and softly.

Become the calm, unflappable person you see in your mind.

Here’s another technique: Do you know anyone whom you would describe as unruffled?

Try to think of what this person would do in your situation.

Note your patterns of exasperation.

Are there any specific situations that cause you to lose your cool? Look at specific patterns —from time of day, to level of stress (or level of
boredom), to blood sugar levels.

Do you tend to lose it when it’s too noisy – or too quiet?

Knowing about your own patterns can go a long way in helping you keep your cool throughout the day.

Realize that you can control your
Reflect on times when you were able to successfully stay calm in a frustrating situation.

Maybe it was a time when you
wanted to yell at your partner,but then the doorbell rang and you were able to instantly shift gears.

Consider that you might be able to do this repeatedly, as long
as you know your triggers – and some tips for keeping a calm mindset.

Create a calm environment with
peaceful rituals.

If calm music soothes you, use it.

If silence soothes you, use it.

Maybe you’ll play some
soothing instrumental music or maybe you’ll dim the lights and light some scented candles.

When you are coming home from work, give
yourself a few moments to calm your mind before you go charging into an evening at home with your friends.

Sit in the car for a few minutes
and take some deep breaths.

Kick off your shoes and sip a glass of water.

Rituals can also be tremendously soothing during the transition periods of your day.

I’m sure you are feeling calmer already.

Keep reading to get the rest of the tips on staying calm under pressure.

Take care of the essentials.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and getting enough protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

I tend to lose my temper way more
often if I’m low on blood sugar.

But, get a little protein in me, and it’s (relatively)
smooth sailing.

Also make sure you are getting physical exercise.

A daily workout can
give you the physical release that can help you control your anxiety.

If I’m feeling particularly stressed, I trade my half-hour run
for a half hour of Rhumba dancing,alone.

This helps.

Stay away from too much sugar and caffeine and stay hydrated.

Drink a tall glass of water
and see if you feel better, more calm and alert.

Focus on the mind and spirit, too.

Depending on your spiritual tradition, engage in a routine of meditation or prayer.

Practice yoga – or just sit quietly for awhile.

Developing peace of mind is a skill that will serve you well your whole life through.

Take a meditation class, and learn techniques to help you get control over your monkey mind.

Distract yourself Instead of ruminating on a problem, find
something fun, engaging, and constructive to

Try to laugh (or laugh at yourself.) Watch a funny movie or read a blog that always make you laugh.

When you lighten up, it’s a
lot easier to keep your cool.

Take a day off.

I always know I really need a day off when i fight like crazy to not take one.

If I can force myself to take an entire day away from my
work, I always come back more calm,
assured, and filled with fresh ideas.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Diaphragmatic breathing helps you alleviate
your stress in the moment and it gives you a
minute or two to calm down, often just long
enough for you to assess the situation and
help you regain your sense of control.

In a good belly breath, your belly will actually rise and fall.

To practice, put your hand on your

Inhale through your nose and see if your hand rises as you breathe in.

Hold the breath for a few counts and slowly breathe out.

Reflect on quotes that can help you
calm your mind

Here are a few that I find

~Im here,physical scars and emotional scars from my past underlines my fighter and victor attitude in life. i’m here because i’m a survivor,and i will survive and conquer this present and unpleasant times too!

Add on more of your quotes,and invite calm and peace back into your life!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….