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I saw a policeman literally chasing some university students up a foot-brigde when they attempted to cross a busy highway by darting across 8 lanes!

And it got me thinking;these are knowledgeable university students-not primary school kids.

The widest gap in the whole world lies between
what we know and what we actually do.

This gap is where mediocrity lives,nay-thrives.

Insanity slumbers in there,waiting for an opportune time to show face.

I am sure you’ve had plenty of unfortunate situations
where you’ve wondered how it is that a well-
informed, educated, exposed and experienced person
could make some very pedestrian mistakes.

It is this very gap.

It is called the Knowing-Doing Gap.

We know better, but we ignore our knowledge and
act in the exact opposite way.

Why bother acquiring
the knowledge in the first place?

Sounds like the best definition of insanity, doesn’t it?

Its simply ignorance of how it is that we create the
situations in our lives (or deaths in this unfortunate

When we acquire knowledge or generate our own
ideas, they are lodged in our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind being objective, can accept or reject
any idea fed to it.

All our knowledge stays here, but is completely
useless to us until we internalise it.

Any information or idea that is accepted by our
conscious mind is then passed on to our sub-
conscious mind.

Being subjective, our sub-conscious
mind must accept any information passed onto it by
our conscious mind.

It has no ability to evaluate or

It is our sub-conscious mind through internalisation
of ideas that instructs our physical bodies to act
through our emotions.

We then proceed to do the
things we do and the universe —our environment
reacts back.

It is this action-reaction process that
results in our current circumstances.

Bear in mind that the reactions we receive from the
universe are always in direct proportion to our

You see; by causation, nothing just happens.

Everything must be caused.

I think the word;
“because” should no longer be allowed as a proper
word in the English language.

That said; those of us who dart across that busy road
in spite of the danger are plainly ignorant of how it
can happen that we get run over.

We refuse to take responsibility for having darted
across the road.

I’ve tried to reconstruct the kind of thinking that goes on in these young bright minds as follows;

“We certainly don’t cause those
unfortunate accidents.

How can you even suggest
that? No! These motorists are just very arrogant
people speeding in their fancy cars “because” they
look down upon us, pedestrians.

So as a lesson to all who may be thinking you have
right of way, be warned.

If you run us over while we
cross the road minding our own business “not
causing any trouble” to anyone “because” you have
cars, we will burn down your cars.

You must understand that we are running or strolling
across the road because it is shorter for us than overhead foot-bridges.

And if it turns out to be our shortcut to the grave, it is still
your fault, we really don’t give two hoots about what
the traffic laws say.

This is our position and we are
sticking to it.”

The above quoted line of thinking makes the young geniuses in our universities look mediocre out of their prestigious lecture halls-a simple choice they make in a brief moment of crossing a busy street with a foot bridge defines them as mediocre to the rest of the average population!

Today,choose to be at the cause of the effects in your life—
because if anyone deserves it, it is you.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….