It is rare for a tree to die.

Trees, like the proverbial
cat, live for countless years before they eventually

That is why some trees are centuries old.

And even
when they die, they shoot up — to live again.

Like the cat with nine lives, a tree’s tenacity to
survive is great; it shouts to the world:
I love life
I soak it like a sponge and the life in me does not dry
up easily.

I thrive even after a bad experience.

I live and live, and will live on…

But don’t we human beings share the same tenacity?

The determination of the human spirit is simply

I see it in myself, and I see it in others.

I will be crushed for one reason or the other, but
tomorrow, next week or next month, I will be up and
about — like nothing tragic ever happened; like I
never shed tears like a river; like I never walked
around with a wounded soul.

And the physical body is even more resilient.

Quick to recover, it takes its cue from the stubborn spirit,
and will heal with the passage of time.

Even when a limb, say a leg is cut off, we find a way
to survive without it.

We make use of those sturdy

And life goes on like before.

Sometimes,the universe surprises us, and we live an even
better life.

The tenacious spirit in human beings comes-it must
come- from their absolute desire to live.

That explains why the greatest fear in most, if not all, of
us is death.

We are terrified by death, and will do
anything to live.

It is not surprising that when we
sense death, we run a mile…

Like the never-dying tree, we will sprout even when
others think we are about to die.

We will find new growth from our innermost being, and keep going.

We will pick up our broken souls and somehow
nurture them to health.

The unbreakable spirit of the human soul sees that
the drive to live does not easily die.

For even when we think it has finally subsided, and that we want to
stop living, we are just telling those around us that
we need help to live one minute longer, one day
longer… Because, the simple truth is that our
greatest desire is to live.

And enjoy life and thrive,
just like the tree does, regardless of what season it

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….