I started blogging as a way of ventilating some of my innermost thoughts in an obscure way-a tonic to my restless mind.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2009.

It has now spread into my thigh bone.

My jocular Doc asked me the other day during my counselling session-“do you still have some unfinished business you’d like to look into, just in case….

His voice trailed as a way of underlining his implication-in short,i should be getting ready for my eternal rest.

Yes-i said.

My will is in order and recently revised-i told him…but…


There is the small matter of my blog,it means so much to me…it has been my self therapy-i told him;what will happen to it? I would have wished it to form my longest legacy after i’m gone.

What about handing it over to one of your family members-they could keep on updating it after you are gone.

I’m completely estranged from my immediate family-a long story-i told him.

Then you can open it up to other members in your blogging community who share your thoughts and world views.-there it is! A gem of good idea,but i only put down my random thoughts,not very specific subjects-i replied.

That’s much better then-they will put their random thoughts and it will still serve your cause!-hear him! Always so helpful!

I’m going for a long therapy session for four continous weeks.

Is there anyone out there who’d like to co-author this blog in whatever style?

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….