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Every day is a blank page, although there
are habits I act upon daily.

Presenting last Sunday as an example, this is
how I enjoyed the day:

I woke at 4:50am without an alarm, excited and

These days my habit is to wake when
my body tells me it’s rested.

But there is no
I ate a banana, drank a cup of coffee, then drew up business plans for my clients
from 5am to 11am.

I prefer working in my home-based office in the morning when it’s
quiet and I’m closest to the dream world.

My home office room contains only a desk, a chair, a laptop,
and my notes — the only things I need.

Nothing else.

There’s no phone, no Internet, no clock — no

Just me and my habit, which I enjoy

Each day I work until I don’t feel like
working anymore.

But there is no routine.
After my morning session of passionate work in my home office, I walked to the
neighborhood park and alternated between pull-
ups and push-ups under the midday sun.

Exercise is important for me, and I enjoy it daily.

But there
is no routine.

I showered, dressed (jeans and a T-shirt), and prepared my modest,
vegetarian lunch(i live alone as a matter of choice!).

I eat when my body tells me I’m
hungry, irrespective of the time (I don’t own a

Some days I eat lunch at noon; other days I
might eat at 10am or 3pm.

But there is no routine.

After my meal, I drank
my herbal tea, used smartphone Internet
connection to check my email and publish some
writing online.

There were 37 emails in my inbox, which was okay as I only
check email two or three times per week.

Sometimes more, sometimes less.

But there is no routine.

After two or three hours on the Internet, I walked to
a secluded forested part of my neighbourhood, and read a novel while the
sun set fire to the sky.

Some days this habit invites
me to devour chapter after chapter, hour after
hour; other days I read for only half an hour.
But there is no routine.

Throughout the day I made sure I was hydrated.

Besides fruit juice and herbal tea, I drank only water.

No alcohol.

No sugary drinks.

No soda .

I attempt to drink my
body weight,8 glasses of water each day, which
isn’t always easy — so sometimes I drink only half

But that’s okay: there is no routine.

I own a car, but I didn’t drive it on Sundays.

I didn’t need to.

It was a nice day, so I walked
instead to a friends home-5 km away from my home.

Some days i need to drive to where I want to go; other days I
can walk.

But there is no routine.

Later that evening I enjoyed dinner and a
conversation with a friend, and afterwards we
walked to a local town centre.

Other days I might watch
a movie at home.

It had been a beautiful
day, followed by a beautiful night — a denim sky
illuminated by a waning crescent moon, a million
diamonds afire, and the prospect of a new day at

The good news is my life is no different than yours,
minus the routine.

Sure, the details are different,
the circumstances are different, but we all have the
same 24 hours in a day.

We all have one life to live,
and that life is passing by one day at a time.

The only real difference lies within the decisions we
make and the actions we take.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….