I’m packing.

A nagging worry of departure.

Lost room keys.

Unwritten luggage labels.

Tissue paper rolls on the floor.

I hate it all.

Even today,when shutting drawers,and flinging open hotel wardrobe.

I’m aware of sadness,a sense of loss.

Here i can say,I’ve lived;I’ve been happy.

This room has been mine,however brief the time.

Though I’ve been in this room for only two nights,
i leave something of mine behind.

Nothing material.

Not a toothbrush.

Or a handkerchief.

But something indefinite.

Just a moment in my long life.

A mood.

Even stopping for luncheon at a wayside motel,
And going to a dimly lit washroom to wash my hands,
Pulling at a door handle of a door unknown to me there before,
The linolin wall paper peeling in strip under neglect,
A funny little cracked mirror above the washroom sink,
-for this moment,the washroom belongs to me.

This is the present moment.

There is no past,no future.

Here i’m washing my hands,
And the cracked mirror shows me to myself.

Suspended in time,as it were,this is me!

This moment won’t be lost.

Within the two nights in this strange hotel room,
i have advanced one step towards my unknown destiny.

My departure from the room is finished with snapping of the door lock.

It is like turning a page of a photographs album.

And finding that there are no more photos to see,
Until we take the next snap.

It is over for now,
Between me and this cosy hotel room,
Until next time.

But i hope the memory lasts me a lifetime,
Just like other relatively unimportant memories,
That add colour to my life.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….