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How many sips of beer will dry my tears?
How strong would be the wind that blows away all my sorrows?
How many hugs would make me trust in love again,after my heart was broken?

But ponder this-the rich will never know who loves them for their wit or wallet!

How many fires will warm my cold feet again,so that i can move on?
How many assurances will i need to hear before i can trust again after betrayal.

But ponder this-the lonely hearts will never have their heart broken,untill they take a chance on love again!

How many nights do i have to sleep alone,’cause i fear letting in anyone into my life?
How many miles will i have to go,till i realise that this road does not end?

But ponder this-no one really needs company on a warm night!

I’m seeking to know,my friend,
If you can be my crumbs of comfort,
during this uncertain times in my life!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….