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I am a man.

I’ve been a man all my life.

And i know what all men know about ourselves;we are just simple creatures,period.

Books will be written by women for their fellow women trying to crack up what goes on in a man’s mind.

And i will honestly tell you;nothing much goes on in there except everything that will feed a man’s ego with its daily portion.

You do well,infact you will do well never to mess with a man’s ego.

It is his everything.

His most treasured possession is his ego.

Would you like your man to listen to you more?

Would you like to learn how you can get your man to
do the things you like for you?

How to get a man to
fulfill you in the ways you want to be fulfilled?

Would you like to improve the overall intimacy and
communication in your relationship?

If so, then this
will be the most exciting message you will ever read!

Women tend to “bitch” when they do not feel valued
in their relationship.

Most women tend to expect
their men to figure out why she is upset.

Another woman would be able to figure it out, why not him?

Women who have over time, given up and become
frustrated that their man just does not “get them”,
will resort to constantly kicking their man in the balls
and trying to emasculate him.

Women who resort to bitching, being mean,
emasculating their men, etc. as a means to try to get
him to do what they want are never going to be

Men think logically.

They don’t think in
emotional terms like women tend to.

Since men think
and act logically, if you tell him that nothing is wrong
when something is wrong, because you expect him
to dig and dig like a detective to discover why you
are upset, you’re always going to be miserable in
your relationship.

Men are like trained dogs in that you have to give them
simple logical directions.

You have to speak to him in
clear plain terms.

Not in metaphors or by beating
around the bush hoping he’ll figure it out.

So instead
of trying to “fix him”, accept him as he is and for
what he is.

Don’t try to change him, just love him as
he shows up and speak to him in terms that he can

A man who is very masculine and clear about his
purpose and his goals in life will pursue them

Men like to feel successful.

When men
are in a relationship and their lady is happy, they feel
successful and take credit for her happiness.

When their lady is upset, bitching, unhappy, sad, pissed off,
frustrated, etc. he feels like a failure.

He takes her
unhappiness personally because he associates his
own success as a man based upon how happy he is
able to make his lady feel.

Now regardless of whether a man is really
responsible for the woman’s happiness or misery,
he’s either going to take credit for her happiness or
be responsible for her misery.

When a woman feels
that she is not valued and bitches at her man,
constantly points out all the things he is doing wrong
or how unhappy she is, this totally and completely
emasculates her man.

When a man feels like he is
unable to make his woman happy, he feels like a

Eventually he will give up on trying to make
her happy and will withdraw from the relationship
more and more which causes her to bitch and
complain even more.

When a woman does not understand this, she will
continue to do more and more emasculating of her
man to the point where she makes him so miserable,
and he feels so unsuccessful, that he leaves the

Now in a perfect world, the guy would know exactly
what to do and how to communicate with his woman
to cause her to open up and share everything that’s
bothering her so she feels like he actually
understands her.

He will resolve the issue and make
everything all lovey-dovey again.

However, this is not the case.

Most men do not
understand women.

They just don’t need to understand them.

They only need to love them as women.

Nor are they interested in taking
the time to improve themselves and learning how to
understand them.

Besides, ego-centric masculine
men would look at asking for help as admission of

It’s why we never ask for directions when lost.

So women are faced with a choice.

Since 95% of the
self-help books on relationships and dating are
bought by women and only 5% by men, it’s wishful
thinking on the woman’s part to expect men to
change and become what women think they should

Your other choice is to hold out and wait and hope
that you will meet one of those rare 3/100 men (3%
Man) that understand women and know how to
communicate with them and meet their needs

So if you are a woman and you want the quality of
your relationship to dramatically improve, you are
going to have to be the one to take the time and
learn a way to get what you want from your man.

It’s really simple.

Men are really simple once you
understand what they want and what they respond

Men will bend over backwards to give their lives
to making their women happy as long as they feel
they are successful at it.

Here’s the solution.

Men are visual creatures.

We look at a
woman who is beautiful and
attractive and instantly we are
thinking about winning her.

That’s just the way we are.

We see a hot girl and we want to
hit on her.

Its pretty much all we
really think about or are
interested in.

Now some women
get pissed off at that and complain that men are only
interested in sex.

Well look at it this way.

If men did not think this way we would have absolutely no
interest in women.

Our careers and hobbies would easily fill up our lives,even without women.

There would be no kids born and
the human race would die out.

Now men do love the intimacy and the security of a
committed relationship, it’s just that we’re visual

We fall in love through our eyes and our

That’s why we like cheerleaders, watching
strippers, seeing scantily clad women in seductive
poses, etc.

Since men are visual creatures, you have to seduce
us with your body and your femininity.

If you can
enchant us with your body, your looks and how you
move, we will do anything for you.

And I mean anything.

Men want to come home and feel like they are the
kings of their castle.

When we’ve had a very stressful
day at work, we don’t want to come home and deal
with a selfish woman whose only interested in
kicking us in the balls and making us feel

We may have gotten our asses kicked
at work during the day.

We may feel like a total

Smart and mature women will recognize this
and know that it is loving and supportive to build a
man up and make him feel successful.

The purpose of all relationships is… you go there to
give up yourself to another person.

That’s it.

Nothing more.

So when your man
comes home at the end of a tough day, he needs you
to build him up and make him feel successful.

How do you do that?

Use your body to pull us into
your feminine delicious world.

Make us forget all
about life’s struggles.

So when your man feels like
shit, make him feel better.


Shoot his gun off.

Give him a cuddling nice job.

Get him off.

Just walk over to
him, undo his tie and ease him off his day’s trouble.

Give him a
beer, have him sit back in his favorite chair, tell him
to relax, close his eyes and just to enjoy himself.

Maybe even give him a massage.

The goal is to make
him feel good.

Most women that have hostage relationships use sex as
a weapon.

He only gets pleasure from her if she feels
he’s done something to earn it.

In other words she
treats her relationship like some kind of transaction.

She’s holding back and acting like a horse trader.

If he makes me happy I’ll give him sex.

If he pisses me
off he will get nothing except my bitching at him.

That is not loving.

That is dysfunctional and is the
hallmark of an immature woman.

When you use pleasure to pull your man into your
world and focus on being a dirty little whore, you are
giving your man exactly what he needs and wants.

Men want a lady in the streets, and a whore in the

We want a woman who is always that dirty little

Just like a little girl asks her daddy in a really
sweet voice when she wants something, you must
use your body and your sex appeal to enchant your
man and make him feel good physically.

If you can do
that on a continuous basis, tell him in a logical order
of exactly what to do for you, what to do to you, how
you want him to listen to you without giving advice,
etc. he will be more than happy to do it for you.

Remember, men like to feel successful at making you

You just have to tell us exactly what you want

Maybe even write it out, give him a
plan on what you want him to do so he can follow it
and do it.

Never complain or be bitchy
because he will just want to
get away from you.

Instead,be sweet, funny, charming,
tease him playfully and be
his joy.

Be a woman who no
matter how much life has
beat him down, you always
build him up and make him
feel like a king.

Every guy
would love to come home to
a woman like that.

We want
a woman who we can lose
ourselves in her beauty,
charm and sex appeal.

Someone who intoxicates us.

Don’t be his roommate.

Be his dirty slutty whore.

Be a woman who knows how to please your man

And if you don’t know how to, learn.

This is essential to keep a man happy and interested
in you.

If you are burning holes out in his brains and making
sure he enjoys himself (ask him what he wants you
to do to him, what he likes and then do it), he will do
anything for you.

Men are easy.

Treat him right, and
he will treat you right, or you can continue to do what
you’ve always done and you will continue to get what
you’ve always got.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….