Love is a choice, not a feeling or an emotion.

It’s a decision you make and we make that decision daily.

Because we have been told to look for “chemistry”,
flying sparks – we let go of perfectly wonderful
people, ignore people who understand and get us,
warts and all and even people who are infinitely good
for us because somewhere out there someone told us love was a feeling.

No my friend, let me say it again –
love is a decision.

True love isn’t lightning bolts.

It isn’t chocolates and flowers that die in 48hours.

It isn’t something that just happens to you.

It’s something that you decide on and then build or break over time.

True love isn’t sparks.

But It’s infinitely better.

Bear with me as I get down to my point – love is a
decision not a feeling.

Valentine’s Day hasn’t commercialised love – it’s
done something worse.

It has forced regimented
romance on people.

Let’s be fair to the guys for a moment.

Does anyone
actually like going to a restaurant on February 14?

I’m a hopeless romantic, which for those who know
me is totally at odds with what most people consider
to be my personality.

If you consider love for real,love is primarily about others.

Think about it – all this week, the girls will be thinking
about the day and what they’re going to get, while
the boys will be wondering “what the hell?”.

This week a lot of us will be in love with love.

The feeling over-rides all.

The problem with that, is by Monday, nay Sunday,
the very idea will leave some very hurt, angry and
even jaded.

Some of us will be stood up this Valentine’s Day.

In fact some have already had the classic fight.

You know, the one that ensures he or she won’t be with
you this Valentine’s day – yes that one.

Some of you have even been dumped temporarily.


the person in your life has already made a decision
about whom to spend that day with.

Feelings are all
well and good, but like I said at the beginning of this
article – love is a decision.

The decision on every item
and every aspect of the day will be made based on
whom the other chooses as their “Valentine”

This week, decisions will be made about whether or
not to part-take in this regimented love-day.

Decisions will be made about whether to send
flowers and goodies or not, to go out to dinner or not,
to go out of town or not, to be with you or not.

If truly
the hallmark of your relationship is based on what
happens on February 14 – then if the decision made
doesn’t include you, validate you, doesn’t edify you
or in any way leave you assured about your
relationship beyond your Facebook status – then you have
your answer.

Allow me to wish you light and love and above all
wisdom as we count-down to this celebration of love –
a decision, not a feeling.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….