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A lot of people get jealous and possessive in

They don’t like their partner talking
with someone else, or hanging out with members
of the opposite sex without them.

Some people get
even crazier. They get jealous about things that
happened before they met their partner.

They get
jealous about things that might happen in the

Hell, they get jealous about things that
didn’t happen but could have happened.

Sexual jealousy is a waste of energy and toxic for
your relationship.

It’s really simple: either you trust your
partner or you don’t.

If you trust your partner, then shut your mouth. If
you don’t trust your partner, do everyone a favour
and dump them.

“Well, what if I trust them but they lie to me
Then trust that one day you will find out.

people cannot hide their dishonesty forever.

Eventually it will surface and be obvious.

And on
that day, dump them.
The worst part of sexual jealousy is that it drives
your partner to commit the exact actions in which
you’re trying to prevent them from doing in the
first place.

Imagine you’re dating somebody and
this person is insanely jealous.

Everything you do
they accuse you of lying to them or sneaking
around behind their back.

Every person of the
opposite sex you speak to they accuse you of
flirting or freak out that you’re sleeping with 10
other people.

What’s stopping you from actually cheating then?

I mean, you’re going to get yelled at whether you’re
honest or not.

Apparently they believe you’re a
dishonest person anyway, so you may as well get
the benefits from being dishonest, right?

What’s stopping you from cheating? Not much anyway! Not even your partner-just the old virtue;TRUST!