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People fall in love with each other’s rough edges.

Paradoxically, it’s our flaws and vulnerabilities that
make us unique and endearing towards others.

more we’re willing to reveal where we come up
short, the more intimacy and connection we’ll
generate in our personal lives, and the happier and
healthier we’ll be in the long run.

But it
really is amazing how our culture encourages more
and more to live up to some impossible ideal, some
empty vessel of perfection.

Of all people Mike Tyson recently said, “Just
because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re

You could replace “famous” in that
sentence with “rich,” “beautiful,” “popular,”
“intelligent” or a myriad of other adjectives.

Where does real success come from? It comes from
being satisfied — not because you’ve reached some
pinnacle or final destination of success — but
satisfied with that constant process of

It’s recognizing that life is riddled
with faults and mistakes and appreciating them as
much as the successes.

Because when you
appreciate your faults, they lose their power over

Instead of becoming your weakness they become your

And ironically, they’ll draw other people
into you more than ever before.