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The beautiful bride stood before him and fed
him the loveliest of smiles through her
transparent white veil.

Her smooth round cheeks, the
perfect white teeth and eyes complemented
the oval shape of her face.

With her pointed
nose and eyelashes so long, Heida was the finest woman he had ever

Her gown clung to her curves and her
propped up flawless breasts made her look
like a pure sex goddess…..if there was such a

“Do you Abdulaziz take Heida
to be your lawfully wedded wife, to cherish
and love all the days of your lives, till death
do you part?” the awfully young celebrity
Pastor asked.

A shattering quietness filled the magnificent
chapel with over a thousand guests.

It would
seem as if the air stood still.

This was the
defining moment.

“Yes I do” and the whole crowd went up in an
uproar; and then as if orchestrated, they fell
quite once more.

“Do you Heida take Abdulaziz
to be your lawfully wedded Husband, to cherish
and love all the days of your lives, till death
do you part?” the happy faced Pastor asked
the impeccable bride.

Standing before him with her long hair
framing her delicately oval face, her eyes
narrowed at the slits and he noticed the
smile disappear just before her hand
produced a .32 revolver at point blank range.

He was confused and wondered what was
going on.

The shining nozzle right on his
forehead got sweat pouring within minutes
as he stared at her aghast and speechless.

Then she pointed the gun to her forehead.

The scream emanating from the crowd was
deafening and his brief moments of life with her flashed right before his

Father was right.

Love devours its own children.

He closed his eyes to
say his final prayers.

The warm splash of blood plastered on his
face as he heard the gun shot go off, his
perfect silk white shirt soaked the blood.

a moment, he waited to feel the pain as he
stood dripping with blood and brain

Opening his eyes, he saw her fall to
the ground in a heap, the crowd scrambling
for safety with deafening shouts and hordes
of bodies throwing him to the ground.

It should have been a perfect day for a
perfect wedding.

But suicide ruled the day.

‘Till death do us apart’ still rang in his mind as they took away his lifeless beautiful bride.

Love is capable of many things,
Not least,is its ability to un balance a sound and a loving mind.

A Suicide Note that she left behind told it all; “I just couldn’t live with the guilt of cheating on you with my Ex on the eve of our wedding”.

Poor soul.

What’s in the past should never kill the innocent future.

Nobody would have guessed that the officiating young celebrity priest was her Ex boyfriend and the cause of all this sadness.

I’m done attending friends’ weddings.

I just don’t want to lose my faith in humanity!