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A fundamental element of leadership is the ability to
lead self. People who cannot lead themselves will
never be able to successfully lead others.
Look around you and see the leaders. They are those
who were able to present themselves for offices and
dare to lose. They are those who stepped out to take
the risks to start businesses.
They are those who see the same problems that
others see, but who, unlike the masses who only talk
about the problems, seek for solutions, risking failure
and shame.
They are those who are ready to lead themselves to
places where no one else wants to go.
They are ready to be different and to stay different
alone until that which was different becomes the
The question is; how do people get to this point?
They start by leading themselves to do the things
that may not be convenient to the body.
Simple things like reading when feeling like watching
a movie, waking up when feeling like sleeping or
exercising when feeling like relaxing, are the
attitudes that prepare people for leadership.
In simple terms, leadership starts from the ability to
do things as demanded and not as convenient –
doing them because you have to do them not
because you want to do them.
Never put a full stop where life has put a
A sense of finality and despair is an attribute of a
closed mind.
There is always a way. We just need to find it. Those
who are willing will find it. Those who are not willing
will find excuses.
Life has its ups and downs, and everyone has the
right to be down from time to time.
However, the ability to waive your right to be down
by engaging a natural cruise control gear that keeps
you up in the face of downtimes is very crucial, not
only to your moving on, but also to your health.
We have been defeated and we have been broken.
We have been betrayed and we have failed, but none
of these things define us because we chose to stay
up. We refused to make permanent conclusions on
moving conditions.
Look in before you look out
Many times, the key to your situation is something
that is already within your reach.
It might be in a book that you have, a relationship
that you are in, or even a step that you need to take.
Unfortunately, many people blame life and others for
their situations.
They despair because they feel that no one wants to
help them when in actual fact, had they looked inside
enough, they would have realised that they had all
they needed to rise and move on.
Remember the alphabets. You do not need more
letters. Every book that is written in English is a
combination of 26 letters.
So, the right combination of what you have is key to
your getting from where you are to where you want
to be.
Just as there is no word so great that you need other
letters in the alphabet, there is no condition so bad
that defies a solution from within you.