Special dedication for my one and only love;another christmas full of love and memories! Merry Christmas my love!

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Christmas will be here again,in a few days time…
My dear Daisy…
Remember how we used to be content with our simple lives…?
Our simple house…?

We didn’t care that we had no furniture, no chairs, no tables, no forks and knives – pretty much nothing.

All we had was a bed, a kitchen table and a charcoal stove.
Of course, we had each other,and that was everything.
It’s all we needed.
We were a happy couple.

Sitting there on the floor, laughing, joking and having more fun than maybe we ever had, perhaps with the possible exception of the day we took courage to know one another.

We didn’t have much, but that was ok, because we had anticipation – anticipation of good things to come – happy memories waiting to happen.

We looked around and dreamt of the two of us with a house full of kids and…

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