There is no snow during Christmas time in Africa. I guess there is no snow anytime,anywhere in Africa except on the top of highest mountains. Christmas is sort of different in Africa.

There is the religious part of it,that christians celebrate. Then there is the African perspective of Christmas that has to do with harsh conditions of living that prevail in most parts of Africa.

For most peasant Africans,christmas time is a sort of escapism that allows us to at least give ourselves that rare treat that we can ill-afford,probably a new dress,new pair of shoes and slaughtering of the only chicken in a home to serve a family of ten and some guests.

The children,those who are lucky to be given some coins,may buy a balloon or two to celebrate. This balloon is zealously protected to ensure that it doesn’t burst during playtime for all the period between christmas and new year’s day. Many african children’s christmas has been ruined by a burst balloon over this festive season because they can’t afford another one.

Parents are as well stressed when their children insist on new clothes over this time,well,not exactly new,but second hands clothes shipped from more affluent parts of the world. They simply cannot afford new clothes for all family members!

There is of course the middle class and the elite who celebrate christmas just like the other parts of developed world without having to worry about expenses that go with this festive time,but they are a slim minority in the population.

When all is said and done,Christmas in Africa is only more pronounced in religious terms than in consumerism that is common in the developed world. This may be a plus in default since that is the way Christmas is supposed to be celebrated as marking the birthday of our saviour Jesus Christ.

As we prepare to celebrate yet another Christmas,we must remember that for 85 percent of African population,it will just be another day where they will be struggling to put at least one meal on the table during this special day and their best diet will be the prayers said pleading with Almighty God to see them through another day in their daily struggles.

Merry Christmas Mama Africa and all your off springs wherever they are in this wide world!