A time comes,when we have to travel to a strange place,
A fearful place that is so near yet too far.

This is a place that we have lived all our lives,
But took it for granted for too long.

This is a place where we are loved,
Yet we ignore all this love and seek risqué love from places afar.

It is a place where we can live with our sorrows and joys,
Without having to explain ourselves out.

We can love,we can fear,we can do anything in this strange place without having to fear for recriminations.

It is a place where we are always welcome,whether poor,rich,healthy,sick,sad and what not.

I have discovered that this fearful,yet wonderful to live in is in ourselves,
And not without!

Does it surprise you,
Like it did to me when i first found out?
You are not alone…