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All relationships invite our hearts to walk through
disappointment and joy, the more intimate the
relationship, the greater the capacity for both those

If you really want to be in healthy relationships, stop
“guarding” your heart and start using it. Walk
through the mistakes you will inevitably make and
learn from them.

Find a community of people who
are practising vulnerability.

Fill your heart full of the
love that makes it come alive, full of grace, full of
determination to walk with pain rather than around
it, and you will be much better off than any heart
that has been merely “guarded.”

If you want to learn
vulnerability, allow God to really truly love you,
exactly where you are, with a love that disintegrates

My capacity to love has grown exponentially since I
stopped guarding my heart.

I’ve experienced heartbreak and pain,
disappointment and devastation, I’ve been nearly
enveloped by darkness and I have lost my faith.

I have loved people who have hurt me.

I have hurt
people who have loved me.

I am still walking out the
difficult steps of particular grief and some days it
hurts like all the swear words.

But, I’ve discovered that my heart is stronger than

My ability to wholeheartedly love and be loved
is ever expanding.

I have felt so much joy, peace,
affection, freedom from shame, and I have found a
faith worth living out every day.

I can proclaim my
love without fear.

I have a heart that is full of
I have a heart that is unguarded and absolutely alive.

Speak up!

Have you ever tried to “guard” your

How did it work out?
What does living
whole heartedly look like for you?