You and I were not born to suffer. Nor were we
born to settle for anything less than the best in all
aspects of our life. Above all else, we were born to
grow, to learn, to create beauty, to love
wholeheartedly, to master enjoying our lives to the
fullest each and every day, and ultimately to give of
ourselves fully back to Life.
Ultimately, each and every one of us is destined
to live as a unique, free, and full expression of who
and what we truly are. You and I are destined to
realize our greatest potential in this lifetime and
consciously create a life that is deeply aligned with
our own heart and soul. Each of us is destined to live
a life that we truly love; one that is full of purpose,
passion, awareness, peace, joy, health, wealth,
fulfillment, and unconditional love for ourselves, for
others, and for all of Life;this is not about choices-it is already printed in our DNA!