Little things do matter after all.
The best thing in life is the joy that you get from little
In the materialistic world that we live in, it is not
uncanny to get lost in the maze of acquisition.
Everyday seems like just another one in the history
of time, to reach out and possess something new. Be
it a new shoe, or a new company; humans are
constantly aiming, dreaming and acquiring
‘materials’ while they forgo the little things that
actually matter.
How often to we say thank you when someone
appreciates us? How many times have you wished
that uncle who stands at your college gate all day
long? These things may seem trivial among the busy
schedules that we are shuffling every single day, but
they actually do matter to someone.
I’m not denying the pleasure that comes with buying
a new pair of shoes or grabbing some new clothes,
going book shopping or even getting a gift. But, I will
definitely vouch for the fact that if you connect with
yourself from within and reach out to the depths of
your heart, a thank you, a sorry, a note of admiration,
a hug are the things which matter and deeply touch
our heart.
Today, I see so many relationships crumbling out
there and falling to pieces, breaking bit by bit,
withering away and I can safely say that majority of
them are because of lack of emotions, lack of
understanding and most importantly lack of
humanity. We’ve become so engrossed and greedy to
win this battle that we call life, which makes us
forget the little things in life that would otherwise be
worth so much more.
When readers leave comments, tweet me or write a
mail to me just expressing themselves and how they
felt as they read my blog, I think that is part of what
keeps me going. It makes me feel over joyed and so
happy that even all the things I own couldn’t do that.
The simple email that you write, telling someone you
like their work or whatever your heart tells you to;
actually means a lot to someone. Especially if it is
someone like me. I’m rather upset that ‘letter
writing’ has faded away, before I even started writing
letters it has gone. And I never had the chance to
receive a letter from a loved one, one which isn’t a
promotional brochure or some stupid bill. And I will
forever miss that, because nothing could make me
happier than something as little as that.
They say: ‘You come into the world alone, and you
leave the world alone’ but I’d like to interpret it as:
We come into the world alone, with slight hints of
emotions, feelings, desires, needs and through the
course of life we learn our values, build opinions and
make impressions. But after that comes what? There
are two paths. One is of course the path that majority
of us are in today: where we are constantly racing
and trying to over take each other in order to reach
the finish line first; and then the other path is the
one we all tend to ignore, the path filled with thorns,
and roses, the path that teaches you the basic aim of
life: humanity, the path that teaches you to take
pleasure in littlest things. The path that’s obviously
under-rated as compared to the first path, which is
obviously more famous and I can’t figure why.
When my little brother and I were younger and
anyone gave him a chocolate, he’d always make it a
point to ask for another one just for me. At that point
of time I never gave a second thought to it because it
was just another chocolate. But today when I look
back, I’m deeply touched by that small act, because
it told me he cared, it showed me how much he
thought of me and that matters to me more than a
chocolate ever will.
Life is a maze, life is a game, life is so many things
that words wouldn’t be able to describe it. But
beyond all life is about learning lessons everyday,
improving yourself, understanding your strengths,
accepting your flaws, taking in all the people around
you. What matters the most is believing in yourself
and with all this comes the fact that we should learn
to appreciate the little things in life, they do matter
after all.
I’m definitely going to look at my way of doing things
differently from now on. Give importance to love,
people, emotions, happiness, smiles, learning and
time. Because they mean a lot more than anything
else ever could, and of course you’ll find yourself to
be a better human, just like I am. If not anything
else, do it for the sake of humanity. We all have that
person inside us, who matters these little things
above all.
Pick up that phone and call your mother, lover, best
friend or just anyone and tell them how much they
mean to you. The next time, wave at the security
college who takes care of your college, smile and
thank the auto driver for bringing you safely to your
destination and some more…