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We are drinking beer at noon
on Wednesday,
In a bar that faces a giant car

All is quiet,as we cross our fingers
That the cops won’t swoop in and arrest us,
As we drink outside the legal hours.

We pretend with masked patience,
That we are waiting for the car to be washed,
But we just wanna have a drink and make merry.

The good people of the world
are washing their cars
On their lunch hours, hosing
and scrubbing
As best they can,some in skirts and
some in suits.

They drive their shiny SUVs
and 4WDs,and they truly love them
but not a single one
appears to be having fun like
“T” and me.

I like a good beer buzz early
in the day,when everyone else is working his ass off,
And “T”likes to peel the
From his bottles of lager and
shred them on the bar.

He does it like a sacred ritual.

Then he lights every single matchstick, in
an oversized pack,
Letting each one burn down to
his slim fingers,
Watching keenly at shortening stick aflame,
Before blowing and cursing
them out as the flame inches closer to his panicking fingers.

A happy couple enters the bar,
dangerously close
To one another, like this is a
But they clean up their act
when we give them
a pleading look that asks them to be decent in public,at least at this early hour of the day,
When no other fancy idea has as yet crossed our minds,
And we are still as innocent as newborn babies.

One quick beer and
they’re out,
they can’t stand our prying eyes
They drive down the road and into the next
Town….still holding on to their burning secret
For all I care,and smiling like

We cover life topics and politics
and once,
When “T” burns his thumb
and lets out a yelp,
The bartender looks up from
his bar-room in bored eyes,
Wondering why a grown up man,
Would wish to play with matches,
Like a young boy.

Otherwise the bar is ours, so is
the day and the night today,
And the car wash too, the
matches and lagers
And the clean and dirty cars,
the sun and the moon
And every motel along this

It’s ours this day,and everything in it, you hear?
And we’ve got no plans, so relax
and let us be –
All we want is to have a little
Though it is just the middle of the week,
A man gotta have some fun sometimes.