I can’t try to even understand why i’m thinking of my first love today of all days.

It is many years ago now,when i first held a woman,not really a woman-but a shy slender and a beautiful girl-in my arms and she buried her head in my heaving chest and sighed.

She never kissed me on that day,but it was the most ecstatic moment in my life.

No words were said between us.
I think that all the words we use to try and explain or express love are actually wasted.

Love,true love is ‘felt’,not expressed.
I felt loved,even when she never explicitly expressed her love to me.

The awkwardness of it all,the clumsiness,the dumbness,tongue-tied and blank moments of this eternal feeling between two human beings who are drawn together by an unseen magnet is what people call love.

Every other civilised way of expressing this divine feeling is mere pretence.
I learnt from my first love.

It is so many years now.
I have “loved” so many other women,but the feeling has never been the same.

The feeling of first love can never be captured twice in one lifetime.

Every man,and every woman is hurt by first love,except for the rare ones,whose first love deepens into the only love!