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It is Lobo’s anniversary today.
{See ‘Goodbye Lobo’ post}
Lobo was a well loved dog
He stayed with me for nineteen years.

Now that he’s gone,a year today,
i can’t help remembering him
And all the memories of him are cascading in my mind like a gentle waterfall.

He had his good and bad side
Temper and humility all rolled into one lovely dog
He was selfish and savage at times
He was always wanting to go in and out of doors
Just because he wanted to go in and out of doors
May be sometimes as a form of play
Sometimes just to annoy me and catch my attention.

He was a thief too!
He stole a whole joint of beef once from my kitchen
A pound of ready sausages that i had bought for lunch once.

He lay on my favourite sofa seat
Completely oblivious of his dependent tenancy in my house.

He begged at the dinning table
He left a cloud of shed hairs wherever he moved and lay
Months after he died,i still found hair on my sofa.

Lobo did no noble things like giving alarms of fire
Or saving a child drowning in a bucket of water
He bit and fought offensive ‘other dogs’
He sometimes lay right in the middle of my driveway
Completely ignoring my entreaties to shove off and give way.

I was always tripping over him on the threshold of the main house door
Which he had converted into his dominion-over a wipe-rag-mat.

By ordinary standards of polite conduct
Lobo was a mess!
Yet the majesty and mystery which he exuded in his impolite behaviour reached far
And he was loved for it even by neighbour’s kids.

Kids were mad for him,
Even the ones he growled at.

As he lays buried in one corner of my compound
Today i miss him more than ever.

I’m a bit surprised that today
It is his imperfections and stubbornness that i miss most-
He would not have been a dog if he behaved otherwise.

I miss you Lobo!