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Sometimes you make me feel like my feelings don’t even matter.
I don’t get how I could deserve this type of treatment.
Like seriously, what in the world did I do to you?
I treat you good, the way that I should.
Don’t I deserve the same in return?
Or am I just so different that I don’t even deserve a break?
My heart continuously aches and many tears always shed.
Won’t you just stand by me and be there for me?
Is it too much to ask for respect and kindness?
Do you always have to be so stubborn and cruel?
I wish things between us could be a little bit better.
Is it possible for you to ease up on the meanness a little?
Or do  i really provoke you to be short tempered and rude?
Excuse me for not permiting you to chat online in our room,
With the guy that was rude to me and called me vicious things,
For no apparent reason.
But you expect me to be ok with it and just let it go.
Don’t I already let enough things go already?
What about all the lies I let go?
What about all the deception I let go?
What about all the ignorance I let go?
What about all the tempers and stubbornness I let go?
What about all the mean things you say I let go?
What about the slip ups with infidelity I let go?
What about the sacrifices I;ve so easily made for you?
What about all the time and effort I put into our relationship?
What about all the time I spend with you,my family?
What about all the times you never want to talk things out?
What about that goodbye word you tried to say to me?
What about the time when you said you don’t really think you ever loved me?
What about all the harsh things I have to hear you talk about my ex-?
When I repeatedly ask you not to talk bad about her though she’s done some messed up things?
Don’t you love me and respect my feelings?
Do you care when you upset me?
How can you just so easily walk away from me constantly?
How can you say you don’t give a hoot all the time?
How can you be cruel and then expect me to just be ok with you when you are finally ready to be nice?
I love you-I love you with all of my heart.
But sometimes I need you when you know I;m falling apart.
How come you can so easily ignore my tears and cries?
If you were crying I would do whatever I could to make you feel better.
Isn’t that what people should do for the ones they love?
Especially for the ones they claim they want to spend the rest of there lives with.
This is just me venting.
This isn’t a poem or anything I know.
But I’m too flustered to write a poem.
Well I guess I should go out on my way-go away for good this time- and make things better between us like I always do even when I know I’ve done you no wrong!