What a beautiful noise
Going on everywhere
Got a beautiful sound
Coming in from the streets
It is in the sound of the cars
In their furious flights
It is the sound of the trains
Click-clack of their wheels in the tracks.

What a beautiful noise
Coming from the walk-paths
Shuffling sound of hundreds of feet
The sound of the kids in play parks
The cat-calls of boys to walking girls
And it plays until dark
It is the sound that I love
It is the Music of my life

And it makes me feel good
It is a beautiful noise
Coming into my room
It is a beautiful sound
With a rhythm and beat
Like a symphony played by a passing parade

It is a beautiful noise
Coming from hundreds of car stereos
Cars dancing to the street lights
There is even romance
In the way they dance to the lights
It is the song of the crowds in the
In hundreds of different tongues

It is a beautiful noise
Going on everywhere
Of joys and strives
Coming to my room
With a beautiful beat
Begging me to just give it a tune
And make it into the music of my life!

If I’ve got a rhythm to spare
I will give it a beat
And make it the beautiful music
– of my life.
It is such little joys
That makes dying such a pain
Knowing that these sounds will be lost forever.