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When I clicked on the lights last night,
The first thing I saw on the wall was a Huntsman spider.
He may have decided to take shelter from the cold outside,
Probably from my live fence in the compound.

He was the biggest spider I’ve ever seen,
And must have spanned at least five inches.
He was soft cocoa colour with slightly paler head and black shiny eyes.
I went close and stared at him more out fear than courage.

He watched me.
I knew what he was thinking-“friend or foe?”
His spidy legs which could run at hundred kilometers an hour were ready to move.
Before I knew what I was doing,
I had hit him with my open hand!

He fell to the floor with most of his legs already folded on his belly.
One leg remained straight.
The leg twitched twice and I thought-
Oh my,he is going to die slowly!
I’ll have to hit him again,this time,out of mercy.
But with what seemed to be silent grace,
He folded the leg so that it formed a pattern with others on his belly.

Then he was still.

I was horrified at what I had done.
I stooped and picked him up in my hand.
In death,he was tiny,made of lovely velvet like some beautiful seed pod.
I wanted him alive again,fast and menancing.

Without warning,the dam inside me broke.
The tears I hadn’t cried since I had a motor accident all alone in a foreign country came to my eyes in a torrent!
I have never cried like this in my life.
All the nasty things that had happened in my life long ago flashed before my eyes!
And I cried all the more.

I cried for my lonely life.
I cried for all my victories that were never shared.
I cried for all my friends who have passed on.
But above all else,I cried that inspite of all these,
I’m alive today to see this glorious day.

I emptied my dam of lifetime tears,
All because of that spider who has been the only guest in my house in a long,long time.

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