It is the most wonderful feeling,
To go for a drive in my blue car.
My mind is so totally relaxed,
Especially when I go really far.

Playing my favourite songs,
I keep the windows way down.
The strong breeze flows by,
And I never have a frown.

Going up the Superhighway,
With so many lanes to choose.
I enter into my private world,
As I put the car onto cruise.

I use this time to think,
And plan all that needs to be.
This time alone is so special,
And my path ahead I can see.

I love driving so very much,
And the traffic never bothers me.
I always remain ever so calm,
While still feeling completely free.

I can’t change the traffic situation,
And I just don’t let it get to me.
I just continue to enjoy my music,
Remembering my mantra “Let it be.”

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