She was very dazzling when she smiled and waved at me
Her tiny palm so weak yet so beautiful
She found me at the carwash
My driver’s window was down
Soft classical Neil Diamond hit “Sweet Caroline” playing on my car stereo.

“She is out of my league”-
I told myself as she got out of her car;
Wait a minute!
It is not just a car…
It is a masculine cute monster of a 4WD
She is a lucky cutie.

Everything about her was very sexy and tiny
Her low cut blouse strained to keep her tiny mounds from busting out of her tiny chest
Her tiny waist
Her tiny hips
Her tiny feet in festooned beaded sandals
Her tiny mouth
Her tiny chin
A teen!

“I’m I joining the cue after you?”
She asked in her tiny voice
Sure,but yours can go before mine!
She smiled and said-“after you”.

May I listen to some of your songs?
Sure-why not!

She climbs to the passenger side of my car.
Her sweet fragrance drowns my car freshener
It makes all my senses scream with ecstasy-
Just the sweet fragrance of her perfume.

My heart is now beating faster
Neil Diamond crooning the sweetest love songs of my time.

Such lovely songs-where do you buy them?

At first, I can’t believe at her age she would love my old classic music compact
But she is not faking it!
Her joy is registering in her cute tiny face
Her eyes solemnly closed
Soaking-in the sound of music
Her un-pierced ears are really cute
And did I say un-pierced ears?
I’m crazy about un-pierced ears-
A different kind of virginity-
My secret fetish!

Another car pulls by my passengers side
Effectively locking her in my car
She doesn’t seem to mind it.

Another 4WD swings into the carwash
It is her friend’s
“Hi Betty. Don’t tell me this is your man!”
“For now,yes.”
She speaks so softly
I’m swooned-her man?
She must be very daring
I’m twice her age.

The sky is falling!
She stretches out to shake her friends hand across my lap
Her stiff nipples prod my left shoulder
Her sweet perfume pervades my nostrils heightening all my other senses
My whole being is falling to pieces
Threatening to burst into a thousand pieces
The sweetness of her breath ensnares my maleness in a tight knot

If he is your man,the kiss him…
A dare from her friend…
The heaven has just descended on me
The sweetest and the most daring mouth kiss I have ever had!

Just like that!

I’m not breathing
I don’t think I’m sane either

I give a long sigh and finally find words to say to her;
You are very brave miss-i say

You are very sweet too-
I’m not ashamed that you are twice my age-you too deserve a kiss!

My car is not washed,but I’m driving away,
Running away from heaven…

Did I take her phone number?

I don’t want to know more about her
She is too good to spoil.

90 seconds at the carwash
That’s how long the kiss lasted
I counted time with each of my thumping heartbeats

90 seconds at the carwash gave me a glimpse of how beautiful heaven will be

90 seconds at the car wash
And memories to last me a lifetime!

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