Lobo was only three months old when I bought him from a street boy
I guess he was stolen or orphaned from a pedigree descent
He was just an absent minded cute puppy
He was overjoyed and kept on licking my arms as I took him home.

I don’t know if he missed his former home if there was one
He liked it here
His new home
My boys were overjoyed
In them he had friends
In me he had a benefactor.

It has been very many years now
Nineteen and half years to be exact
Lobo had gone partially blind
I’m not sure he still had any sense of smell
But he knew where his food bowl was always placed and clean
Meat or milk he had each day
A weak bark or growl far from his energetic bark would now announce his demand for attention

The shiny sheen of his once brilliant coat had faded
His springful walk had turned to a shuffle
His once clear black eyes had been clouded and tired
In a word,Lobo was really old

But his loyalty still remained
Even with his arthritic limbs
He still welcomed me home with joy
He was always loyal and obedient

There are hot tears in my eyes this morning
Lobo has finally gone home to rest
I found him laid out on the threshold of my door this morning
Rest In Peace Lobo
You were trully a friend and good company
I treasure the memories of times we shared together!

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