I forgave myself for allowing you into my life…..

I forgave myself…

For all the instances you let me down

For all  the times you slept around

For all the paths I walked alone

For all the battles I fought alone

For all the things you did me wrong

For all the pains I carried along

For all the days I longed for you in vain

For all the nights I spent alone

For all the hurting words that were said

For all the tears that I shed

For all the reasons that we fought

For all the blames that I got

For all the apologies that I made

For all the times you betrayed my trust

For all those moments that were lost

 And wasted like a melting ice cream

And for one last time, I allow

You to make me feel this way;

it is this pain that still resides in my heart that strengthened my resolve to walk away from it all!

My best was never good enough for you

Deep in my heart,I know I gave my all

But it was still too little for you

And I forgive myself for having been a fool to care….

It is too late,to turn back now

Coz I’m a daddy and I’m older and I don’t like to boast

But I can’t get back to you from here where I am-in the arms of someone who knows what life is.

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