Early Saturday morning.
I can see you walking through my gate.
Approaching my front door.
Coffee’s in hand.
How I love coffee!
How I love YOUR coffee!
One cup for me, and one for you.
I pretend not to have seen you;
I hear a knock at the door.

It’s you.
I let you in,
We drink our coffee and have great conversation.
Then, you find your way into my arms,
So tight.
Looking deeply into each other’s eyes.
Now, a silent but sweet conversation takes over .
No need to say a word.
Just looking into each others eyes is enough.
We both never want this moment to end….

We go back to our coffee and talk.
So easy and natural.
It’s time to go on with our day.
Standing in front of you again,
I say;I don’t want you to leave
Your response is;I don’t want to leave
With a hug, a kiss, and a smile,
We struggle out of each other’s arms
and go back to our separate lives.

We go back to reality.
You go back to him, and I just go back to me.
You will be on my mind until we meet again.

Another morning,another cup of coffee,another session of stolen love!
Why does it feel so good if it is so bad?


If there was any justice in the world,
You would be mine;
You would always be mine!

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