By way of love
An ordinary man becomes a deity
When love to him is given;
It is love that makes the heavens shine
With colours more radiant, more divine,
And turns this dull earth to a heaven!

He who had no spring in his step bounces as he walks
His mind awash with the milk of human kindness
Creamed with an icing of love.

A mere slave to the world
Suddenly becomes it master
When love knocks at his door
His long wait yields to jubilation of conquest
A new Kingdom awaits at his feet when love is present.

Love is not an end of a journey
But an awakening so deep
That the heart opens itself to the world
Knowing very well that it could be hurt and ridiculed
Love after all is a bedmate of deep sorrows
But in the end,the prize of love is worth all the risks.

Love is about being grateful for half a cup of cream
Knowing that the other half that is shared still belongs to us
In a different person that love has made one.

This is to you,my Valentine!

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