There is a lovely road that runs across the valley between two villages where I was born.

The road climbs seven miles up into the hills and up there,behold!a site to see!

On any single day when there is no mist,
You look down into one of the most beautiful valleys in Africa.

The grass is matted into a lush green carpet;you can’t see the soil beneath it.

Standing up on the top of this hill-‘Githunguri’-you can look east into the valley as far as the eyes can see.

The sprawling plains that form Ruiru and Thika Towns.

Looking west is the majestic Aberdare Ranges. At Sunset,the ridges are washed golden in fading sunlight.

But it is the birdlife that ensnares all the five senses;their ceaseless songs assault the ears in a magical choral symphony.

You can look south and feast your eyes on Maasai plains and the white turbaned top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

You can look north into the jagged top of Mount Kenya far into the ochre red plains of Nanyuki and Isiolo.

This ground on the hill is ‘Holy’.
It is as the creator laid it.
Behold! What a place to be born!

A bicycle rides down the valley in a zig-zag path.
A smoking lorry labours up the hill;
A cow leads its young calf down the valley for pasture.

A mother holds the hand of toddler leading him to school.
Boys swim naked into crystal clear river.
Girls giggle as they walk up the hill with roads of fire wood.

Young men cat-call on beautiful maidens along the footpath.
Old men and women tend their lush farms.

Behind the wooden house walls,
Another child is born and embraces its new world with a strong cry.

This is the land of my birth.
This is my treasure of memories.
This land where I was born is my mum.
This land,is my first love.

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