The mind of a man is awash with very basic things that make his life tick.

Food. Just about anything in the name of food that gives him the energy to hold the world by its horns
And his fellow men by the balls!

But when a man goes home to his woman,he knows he will get the finest meal-not for energy,but as a seal of love.

The devotion and time a woman takes to make the finest meal for her man is the ultimate altar in expressing of love.

Silence. Silence and solitary moments are essential to a man no matter how much he enjoys the company of his loved ones.

Silence helps a man gather his thoughts and wits for his next battle-to face the world with renewed focus. He is not sulking where he keeps quiet;he is gathering his thoughts.

Love. A very confusing concept in a man’s mind. A man will be madly in love with his woman…he will still be madly in love with his car,football game,his career,business in equal measure. These are not competing possesions in a man’s mind;they all have different kind of love in a man’s mind-he can love all of them at the same time. Still sounding very confusing? That is a man’s mind for you!

Part 2 to be continued…

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