In a totally deserted street,a cat crosses the street and silently mews.
In the dark and a silent forest,a leaf falls.
Behind the wood panelled polished walls,the white ants eat away into the wood.

In the dark of a silent night,the muffled cries of steamy love-making.
The oiled creaks of bed and a restless baby.

The silent sobs of a desolate soul,
Alone at home,lonely.
An owl hoots as if to mock,
A jolly chirping of Titihoya,
the tropical nocturnal bird steals into the night.

A stifled giggle of a teenage girl out on a date in a darkened Car park.
A cricket sings,
Wind moans against the window sill.

And then there is the heartbeat,
The slow breathing of the sleeping.
The voiced dreams
The lions roars in the jungle.

A whispered goodnite of lovers,
The smack of kissing lips.
The ruffle of beddings
The ticking wall clock.

All is very quiet,a very quiet night..
But nothing is ever quiet,
Except for fools and the deaf!