There is some kind of beauty that doesn’t seem to have been born;
It could only have been sculptured by a whiz sculptor.

There is goodness of heart and character that supersedes human kindness;
It is only found in angels.

There is some kind of love that is only meant for kings;
Lowly beings like me can only experience it once in a life from very special kind of people.

It is rare to find someone as beautiful as you who is kind,loving,caring and humble just as well.

That is why you are worth the risk;
I,just an average man with average looks and average outlook in life never dreamt that you could be mine!

Scandal,jealousy and envy of my friends will never draw me away from you.
You and I,two people who don’t look like we deserve each other finally found solid love.

That’s why you are worth every risk I take to keep you mine in this lifetime.
Forever is a very short time to spend with someone as beautiful,loving and kind as you.

For you,I will take every risk,spend my last coin,spare my best breath to say thanks for loving me.
I always wonder if I ever deserved to be loved by someone as beautiful as you!