There lived a solitary
farmer on foothills of a mountain
He kept chicken

There lived some mountain eagles at the top of the mountain
They loved chicken

At various times
The eagle would swoop on the young chicks at the farm
The farmer was not bitter with the eagle
The eagle had to have something to eat
Chicks were the best choice for eagles

One day,a young eaglet fell from the nest right into the chicken coop
It was the most beautiful thing the farmer had ever seen

He kept it among a young brood of chicks
They were a beautiful company.
The farmer made it his most prized possession

It was beautiful,as any young eaglet can be
It was harmless to the chicks
It was helpless on its own.

As the days rolled by,the eaglet grew;
It scratched the ground like chicken
It was afraid of other eagles just as chicken were!

The farmer adored the young eaglet;
At his age,God had decided to reward him with a beautiful young eaglet.

He looked at the eaglet
He remembered his very own family that had abandoned him in the foothills of a mountain
But now,he had the eaglet

It was comforting in his mind that he was not alone.
He would drive out far and wide
But his heart always raced back to the beautiful sight of his young eaglet.

One day,he watched his growing eagle in subdued terror;
The eaglet sniffed the wind
It ran around in a circle around the farmer stopping at his feet.

It looked up to the farmer in askance for permission into the freedom of the eagles
Then with confident slow flaps,the eaglet flew high up into the mountain tops!

You can rear an eagle among chicken
But it is not chicken
An Eagle was born to fly

All the things we love
Are always the easiest things to lose!