Childhood left me some years ago
When I became a man,
But even so I can’t help but remember,
Lazy days spent hiking,
laughing with friends,
And walking in the woods,
When summer days would stretch until September.

Building houses in the dirt,
And wrestling with my stray dog,
Homemade bows and arrows made by hand,
Houses in the treetops,
And tadpoles in the pond,
frying them by the river for lunch,
Climbing trees and acting like Tarzan.

Those days are distant memories now,
And life’s got so much better,
But every now and then it takes me back,
And once again we’re running mock races,
Eating treats with dirty faces,
Skipping rocks and playing on the tracks.

I’m glad I have those memories now,
They are a priceless treasure,
And now from time to time as I get older,
I’ll think about those softer days,
And in my sleep I’ll run away,
And once again my childhood will unfold
Tonite in my dreams.

I will vividly recall those days
When childhood ruled my world
Going over to friend’s houses
Climbing on trees; hidden in leaves
Sneaking ripe guavas in our pockets
And then running away; laughing
As the old man comes with a stick

I still smile at sweet remembrance
Of wild parties and games
Throwing pieces of food at meek child
Before being turned out by the angry mother

I remember the sleep-over nights
Bringing in dead squirrels stealthily into the house
And then calling home late at night
Asking for a forgotten lantern lamp
When it was time for bed; and lights off
Each child quivered with fear
Feeling for each other hands

I love to sit back and remember the days
When running after mischievous doings
We used to wonder why grown-ups
Still thought we were innocent!