The truth is that many people who fear failure do so because they are influenced by people that do not like them. Think of it. Our fear of failure is not because of the people who love us. Yes there may be some concern about this but the greatest fear of failure is because we do not want to look bad in front of people that do not like us and that we do not like.
What I don’t understand is how we allow others to have such control over our lives! People stay in the same place and do not have fun that they deserve because of people they don’t like and who don’t like them. Hello? They already do not like you. If you fail it will not make them dislike you more. Their position concerning you has already been established. Why then do you live your life for these people? Why do you buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like? Why have you relinquished so much power to the enemy?
So many people are living this way today. The sad thing is that the people that they are trying to impress may even be thousands of miles away but even then, it does not make a difference. Whether they are thousands of miles away or they are next door, they already do not like you and you do not like them so do not give them power over your life. Take your life back now!