I’m perfectly happy
being completely alone.
There’s always peace and quiet
here in my little home,no…house!
I do my own cooking,
though its sometimes kind of erratic
and I do my own dirty dishes,
when ever it strikes my fancy.
I do my own house cleaning,
sweep and mop my own floors,
do my own grocery shopping
and carry them through my own door.
I have no guilty feelings,
no apologies to make to anyone.
I never ask permission
for the liberties I might take.
I do pretty much as I please,
never having to ask.
I make no explanations,
no one ever takes me to task.
Still, at times it gets lonely,
living life alone.
No one there to help
make my house into a home.
But this is the small price I have to pay for my freedom
They say that men can’t,
(or maybe won’t) commit.
The words “I do” are simple,
but they’re words I fear.
I’m not a fearful man
and I have a strong heart,
but it scares me so to think,
“Until death do we part” 

I’ve traveled that road before
and in fact, she has too.
But, those five words are scary.
The ones preceding the words I do
Still, when the nights get lonely
and I’m longing for a friend,
she’s the one I think of
time and time again.

I’d rather be rich than loved
I’d rather be rich than happy
And live each material day
With least of emotion
But full of spiritual geocentrism
That only a solitary soul can enjoy

Guess, I’m really happy
and so is she.
We’d probably both be much closer,
If she and I were we.
But that will steal my freedom
Life might not be perfect,
but it couldn’t be much better than this.
We’d likely enjoy it more
if we shared a daily 10 second of passionate kiss…
and ten minutes of sighs
That’s directly from my TV,
heard it on some show.
Some expert brought it up
and he’d be the one to know.
I know nothing about passion
Except for that heated moment
that consummate the primal biological instinct
When we share my world,
waking beside her is divine.
But, just before we fall asleep
is the most fantastic time.
The sweat,the sighs and eruption of passion
That drains all the feelings
And its back to reality once more
I am a single man, and I like it that way
Except for those few moments of weakness..

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